Asset Imagery.


Taking Asset Management to the next level.

Property Asset Management

Traditionally defined as:

A process of identifying items, recording and monitoring for the reasons due to either their value or legal obligation as a  risk to health and safety.”

But it doesn`t need to stop there.

Listing assets hasn`t been the problem, identifying them without placing tags on every item has been so often the problem, because of their size, location or being too fragile.

When a traditional asset survey is conducted, only a fraction of the assets are effectively recorded, and then records are inevitably “poorly maintained and updated”.





and Asset Imagery

Using images is nothing new when recording assets. It has however been limited by the number of images required to cover an area effectively, isn`t interactive, and is cluttered with asset details which maybe overlapping or cluttering up the image. Updating the image usually means starting again from the beginning.

iPoint Asset Imagery, is a unique approach to Asset Management. You are no longer limited to what you can sticker or tag with an asset label, or restricted by a limited description for each item, or the ability to access the item. You effectively become part of the image, by being able to view 360° of the room, zoom in to every part, and link to information within the image.

Now you can encompass everything in the area, produce accurate asset lists, and quickly and effectively create detailed interactive images, providing much more than just Asset lists.

What makes iPoint different?


By utilising iPoint software and processes, developed by our technical team and software partners, we give our clients detailed information by producing for them a 360° interactive view of their properties, mark up assets without the use of stickers or tags, and produce a detailed Asset survey that gives more information than ever before in a single image.

Remote Accessing

iPoint has the power and flexibility of being accessed from a PC, Smart phone or tablet, enabling the user to have the information while working remotely to their office, or on the move.

Custom Builds

iPoint Imagery provides so much more than just an Asset survey. With the ability to customise each project, we provide our clients a tool for other departments to use, such as your Property team, Health & Safety, Security and Management staff. Each property location can be clearly identified through the use of Google Maps, and incorporate a floor plan to easily move around the location from one area to the next. For the more specialist requirements, links to manuals and documents and be placed within the image, such as Asbestos reports and Instruction manuals, or even their own service reports.